Tonya & Justin

It’s hard not to instantly like a couple when you meet over a cup of bubble tea. First, they shared the story of how they fell in love, right up to the proposal when Justin took a knee and presented Tonya with an engagement ring. We almost cried, it was so sweet! After our convo, we were thrilled to learn that Justin and Tonya chose us to spend their wedding day with them! Let me just take a minute to boast about how talented this couple is…Tonya is a cellist and Justin plays the guitar…which he uses to sing love songs to Tonya! Everything about them just exudes charisma and optimism. They truly make an excellent team. They conveyed to us how important their love of the forest and ocean is, so we all decided that Point Reyes would make the perfect backdrop for an engagement session. As they day melted into a beautiful, ocean sunset, they gifted us with a basket of homemade bread that Justin had made himself! How lucky are we, to know this special couple!